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Jonathan Kaufman

Jonathan Kaufman, The “Everyday Fitness Guru” This isn’t a “typical” trainer bio or a “typical” approach to fitness. In addition, I’m not your “typical” personal trainer, but perhaps “typical” isn’t your thing? At a certain age, we hopefully become more sophisticated about our approach to being in the gym and how we exercise. Smart, successful and accomplished individuals want a faster, effective, optimized way to reach their goals. How about you? For over 30 years Jonathan’s been a certified personal trainer (ACE, HIT.uni, TRX, NCCPT), Licensed Massage Therapist (NY and LA) and fitness coach. He served his country as a Combat Medic (91-A) in the US Army Reserves (1986-1990). He’s worked with some of the best professionals, consultants, and health clubs in the fitness industry. According to Jonathan, “I can’t say I was ever a gifted athlete, or naturally fit. I wasn’t born with a six-pack. In my younger days, I was the fat kid (almost 400 lbs.) and struggled to find the answers, but I learned how to change my life and maintain those changes. Point being, I’ve been in the trenches, like you. My clients and I work smarter, not harder, to stay fit and feel great while enjoying the pleasures New Orleans’ life has to offer. You can too.” “Everyday Fitness Guru” has helped thousands of people like you, stay youthful, lose weight, get stronger, feel better and reach their health/fitness goals. If you’ve noticed shifts in our world and know that strength isn’t only important to survive, but necessary to thrive, then I’m here to help. “Everyday Fitness Guru” strives to debunk ineffective fitness trends. Trends which fail to deliver results, make you fatter and worst of all, can expose you to injury. Jonathan offers safe, optimal, result’s driven, evidence based direction and accountability to support you and your efforts in a climate of change. Strength in all forms, physical, mental and emotional are lost as you age unless you take action. Ready to get started on the road to a better you? Call or Text Jonathan at (954) 257-1075 - Ask about Jonathan’s Results Clinic or schedule your first consultation and lets BE BETTER together!

Certifications and Qualifications
  • noac check circle NCCPT (National Council for Certified Personal Trainers)
  • noac check circle Licenses in Massage Therapy from New York State and the State of Louisiana
  • noac check circle TRX – TRX Suspension Training and Sports Medicine Suspension Training
  • noac check circle ACE Certification (American Council on Exercise)
Contact Details
noac mail iconeverydayfitnessguru@gmail.comnoac call icon954-257-1075
Jonathan Kaufman
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