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Group Class Schedule

The NOAC offers 60+ group fitness classes every week that are open to all members. These classes range from yoga to cardio and even fencing. Take a look:

group class schedule

Group Class Activities:

Aqua Aerobics:

A fun deep and shallow water workout in the pool. It consists of cardiovascular endurance training, shaping and strengthening all muscle groups, increasing flexibility, using state of the art equipment. No swimming skills needed. Instructor: Annette Watts


One of the first Olympic sports, the art of fencing has evolved from swordsmanship used for duels and self-defense. Centered in the study of épée fencing, students learn fundamental skills used in competition and progress by studying and practicing advanced techniques and strategies. Equipment provided. Instructor: John Crouch

Shotokan Karate:

Traditional Japanese Martial Art founded by Master Gichin Funakoshi and is the most popular style of Karate worldwide. Classes are taught by a certified instructor of The Japan Karate Association. Instructor: Doug Walsh

Tai Chi:

Ancient Chinese martial art and a meditative exercise meant to be practiced and performed with mindfulness and complete relaxation of the body. These practices promote mind/body connection, relaxation, balance, coordination, and strength. Instructor: Sam Killpack


Kendo is a modern-day martial art that uses a bamboo sword (shinai) and armor (bogu) to practice traditional Japanese sword (katana) techniques in a safe and controlled environment. The concept of Kendo is to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the katana. Instructor: Jake Dupre


Power Cycle is a stationary bike workout that offers all the cardiovascular benefits and none of the impact associated with aerobics and running programs. Take your athletic conditioning to a higher level. Various Instructors

Cardio Interval:

Monday - medium weights Wednesday - high and low impact with heavier weights Instructor: Wendell Bullock

Boot Camp:

Provides a high intensity cross training class alternating intense, repetitive aerobic activity with a variety of muscle-toning activities using resistance weights and a variety of exercises to focus on toning. Instructors: Wendell & Tony

Cardio Kickboxing:

Experience power and energy in this action-packed cardiovascular workout. Weights and floor work incorporated as well. Instructor: Wendell Bullock


High intensity weights with cardio interval class. It includes kickboxing, core work, and more. All levels welcome. Instructors: Wendell

Hard Bodies:

This class is designed to give a toning workout with emphasis on form and technique. Intensity is achieved by varying the weight size along with a number of repetitions. In addition, various exercises are used for the same muscle group to achieve proportionate muscle development. Instructor: Tony Cangelosi

Sprint Step Three:

Combines the cardio benefits of aerobic activity (while maintaining target heart rate) with the bench stepping benefits of toning and strengthening the lower-body muscle groups. Toning and strengthening are achieved through the use of repetitive movements while engaging the step and the use of power moves, respectively. Instructor: Tony Cangelosi

Step Challenge:

A classic, high intensity fat burning class using adjustable platforms. Moderate to high impact moves. Instructor: Tony Cangelosi


Bodyweight movements to improve your heart, muscles, balance, and mood. Stretching, lunges, push-ups, crunches, squats, planks, etc. High intensity body weight movements with low intensity modifications to accommodate all levels. Instructor: Katie Leese

Sculpt and Sweat:

Improve muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness. This interval-based class combines high intensity cardio bursts, resistance exercises, and core training for a complete workout. All-levels welcome! Instructor: Danielle Martin

Pilates Mat:

Pilates works to strengthen deep abdominal musculature, lengthen the spine, increase body awareness, build muscle tone and gain flexibility. At the same time, it challenges the mind for concentration, precision and breathing. Classes focus on fundamentals to gain an insight into proper muscle usage, and then move into a variety of exercises. Beginner to advanced levels. Various Instructors

Elaine’s Yoga Classes:

Elaine is a yoga ‘grandmother’ certified by the Yoga Alliance at the highest level and has been teaching since 1971. Yoga On Wall: Strength - The Strength Class serves to improve the strength, health and fluid circulation of muscles, bones, organs, skin, and moods. The wall provides beginner training safety and support, as well as postural alignment, for poses including handstand, forearm stand, supported shoulder stand, down-facing dog, legs up the wall, forward-fold poses (uttanasana), and others.

Yoga on Wall:

Stretch - The Stretch Class serves to improve the suppleness, flexibility, calm, health and grace of the body, mind and mood. Relaxing poses supported by the wall, pillow bolsters, blocks and/or straps are held longer in order to provide the superior deep stretch. Elements of Yin (soft) Yoga, Restorative (recovery) Yoga, Pranayama (breath) and Meditation are cultivated. Instructor: Elaine Agamy

Giselle's Yoga classes:

  • Power Yoga: A high energy and fast paced 45 min yoga workout with increased intensity throughout.
  • Gentle Yoga: Move slow with ease. Poses are fluid with light meditation; props used.
  • Flow Yoga: A vinyasa class, poses are held for short durations and flow beyond the basics.
  • All Level Yoga: A vinyasa class, modifications are offered, along with opportunities to increase intensity.
  • Restorative Yoga: Meditative and relaxing, poses are held for several minutes; with props. Suggested: bring your own eye mask pillow, or towel!
  • Flow Yoga: A challenging and rigorous form of vinyasa flow based asana where original scriptures are cited through spoken word, Sanskrit is chanted, and an inspiring musical soundtrack is a part of every class. Levels vary from I-III. Various Instructors


Barre is a high-energy low-impact fitness class that borrows techniques from Ballet, Pilates and Yoga.  Light hand weights are used to tone the upper body, a small Pilates resistance ball to tone the abdomen and lower body. There is intermittent and luxurious stretching on the ballet barre, which is also used for toning the low body. The class features high energy music and instruction. It is ideal for first timers and seasoned fitness professionals, alike. Instructor: Aaron Brewer


The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Zumba utilizes the principles of fitness interval training and resistance training. It is a mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps. Instructor: Claudia Vallejo


Learn the basics of the captivating and sensual art form known as Argentine tango - not to be confused with its choreographed cousin , American tango. Best known for its warm embrace and improvisation, this dance offers connection as well as a challenge. Instructor: Deo Biayi

Belly dance:

This class is a beginner level, gentle & fun way to explore the art of belly dance – the focus is on arm & hand formations, hip & chest circles, shimmies and turns. Instructor: Jen Ramos

Acting Class:

The class will consist of vocal and movement warmups, improv games, and scene study. Instructor: Jen Ramos

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