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Amanda Mothe Ottenstein

Amanda is a certified strength coach, powerlifting coach, and personal trainer with over 9 years of experience. After nearly a decade in mental health, she started her own weightlifting journey as a way to cope with the high stress work environment. She began taking on clients in her free time, ultimately leaving mental health for training full time in 2017. Amanda has worked with a variety of first responders from military to firefighters in addition to strength athletes, primarily powerlifters and strongman competitors. She is heavily involved with the sport of powerlifting as she coaches, competes, is a state level judge, and a new coach for Special Olympics- Louisiana powerlifting. Outside of the gym, she is a grad student pursuing a doctoral degree in exercise science while juggling the joys of motherhood.

Certifications and Qualifications
  • noac check circle USPA certified powerlifting coach
  • noac check circle USPA state referee
  • noac check circle Special Olympics-Louisiana powerlifting coach/volunteer
  • noac check circle NSCA certified personal trainer
  • noac check circle NCSF certified strength coach
  • noac check circle National Strength and Conditioning Association professional member
  • noac check circle USPA (United States Powerlifting Association) member
  • noac check circle USS (United States Strongman) member
Contact Details
noac mail iconbigeasybarbell@gmail.comnoac call icon504-259-4932
Amanda Mothe Ottenstein


Amanda has transformed my gym experience, making workouts enjoyable and tailored to my goals. Her availability, positive coaching, and personalized action plans go above and beyond. She fosters a supportive environment, helping me push through frustrations and uncertainties. Amanda's attentive listening and targeted insights empower me to set and achieve new goals, taking full ownership of my workouts. She rocks!


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