We are live streaming a condensed schedule of classes on Facebook. If you’d like to participate in these live stream classes, you can join the group at the link below.

NOAC Group Class Link

If you do not have Facebook, you can watch the videos below.

Tai Chi:

The first step is opening up the joints. This video includes simple exercises that are good for doing in the morning to prepare your body for the day. It also prepares you to begin letting the body relax. Watch this video here.

From here, we can begin thinking about sinking into the ground, and rising out of the ground. Follow NOAC’s Tai Chi instructor Sam to learn the basic skill of Tai Chi Stepping. Watch the video here.

And finally, for people who have been taking the Tai Chi Foundations class and learning the series of traditional movements from the 24-Posture Form, watch this video to add the arm movements in with the stepping learned above.

Yoga with Caroline: