TV / Film / Commercial

TV, Film & Commercials

The NOAC has been a part of many tv, film, and commercial shoots. We are proud to be a charming piece of New Orleans history and would be happy to discuss your filming needs. If you are interested in scheduling an event, please contact

Movies filmed at the NOAC:

1. Runaway Jury
2. Hard Times
3. Earthbound
4. The Mechanic
5. Dead of Night
6. Tarzan: “Lord of the Louisiana Jungle”
7. ESPN documentary entitled “Black Magic”
8. Glory Road
9. Several Independent Small Films
10. Lolita
11. Pretty Baby
12. Bullet to the Head
13. Medallion
14. Astronaut Wives Club
15. The Big Short
16. NCIS New Orleans
17. Scream Queens
18. Claws
19. Green Book
20. Heart Baby
21. Purge


Commercials filmed at the NOAC:

1. Nike Spar Q training
2. Blue Cross/ Blue Shield NOLA
3. Extreme Bracelet