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The blackboard sign lists athletic facilities and gymnasium schedules at New Orleans Athletic Club. It is divided into two columns. The left column lists the athletic facilities, and the right column lists the gymnasium schedule.
People gather at NOAC’s courtyard at night with string lights hung in a zigzag pattern across the yard.
Exterior of the two-story white stone building with a flat roof. A large sign above the entrance reads “New Orleans Athletic Club.”
New Orleans Athletic Club’s facade. Two-story, white stone structure with a flat roof. The facade has arched windows and a central arched doorway.
A black sign hanging from a black wrought iron post that reads “New Orleans Athletic Club” in gold lettering, with “Established 1872” below it.
A black lantern is attached to a stone building. The building has "N.O.A.C." carved into the stone below the lantern.
Rack of dumbbells inside the gym. The dumbbells are black and have the logo of N.O.A.C. below the brand name "TROY" in gold.
Close-up shot of the spinning bike in the gym. The front part has a sticker on it that reads “SPINNING.”
Group of people participating in a fitness class in a large room. The room has a wooden floor, large side windows, and chandeliers.
A gym instructor led a group of people in their fitness session. Various equipment on the floor includes step platforms between their legs, mats, and weights.
Group of people in a fitness class in a large room. They are using weights and step platforms between their legs.
A group of people is practicing karate stances in a gym room. The room has a wooden floor, big arch windows, and chandeliers.
Pilates instructor guides a person to the correct workout position on a Wunda chair equipment for a Pilates workout.
The instructor and trainee have one-on-one karate practice in the gym. They are inside a large room with a wooden floor and high arch windows.
Group of people practicing karate. They are wearing traditional karate uniforms with different colored belts.
A nail salon station with two chairs and a desk. The desk has a lamp, a fan, and a rack of nail polish bottles.
Two punching bags hanging from the ceiling. The one at the front is black, and the one at the back is red.
Indoor rectangular-shaped swimming pool with a person swimming in it. White columns and arches surround it, and two fountains are on either side of the pool.
A hallway with a large black banner hanging from the ceiling. The banner has gold lettering and symbols that read “NOAC.”
noac library
Rectangular swimming pool with lights in between the columns surrounding it. The walls are white and have several frames hanging on them.
A large room with tall arched windows and a chandelier. It has a high ceiling with a white plaster finish.
The gym hallway is painted white and has frames on the wall. In the center hangs a black banner with the NOAC logo.
A bar interior has hexagonal tiles and white walls with several frames. There are several wooden tables and chairs with green lamps on the tables.
A hallway with a  brick floor and white colored walls with frames attached to it. It has a table with a lamp on the left side.
Three tennis racquets are hanging on a white wall. The racquet at the center is hanging upside down.
A massage room with a massage table in the center. It is covered in a gray sheet with white towels on top. On the left side are various equipment and materials.
A balcony overlooking an indoor swimming pool at the bottom.
A nail salon station with two chairs and a desk for manicures. The desk has a lamp, a fan, and a rack of nail polish bottles.
new orleans athletic club boxing Tim 23
A staircase with reddish brown steps, a white railing, and a wall of framed photos of the presidents of the United States.
new orleans athletic club cable room
A nail salon has two white pedicure chairs, beige towels, and a black rolling chair in front of the chairs. It has a white shelf with nail polish bottles between the two chairs.
new orleans athletic club group classes fitness2
new orleans athletic club personal training
new orleans athletic club spar
new orleans athletic club pilates equipment
new orleans athletic club spin2
new orleans athletic club strength training
new orleans athletic club track1
new orleans athletic club turf room
new orleans athletic club yoga4
new orleans athletic club turf room
new orleans athletic club pub
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Club Hours

Mon - Fri: 5:30 am - 9:00 pm

Sat - Sun: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Club Address

222 N Rampart St, New Orleans, LA

(504) 525-2375

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