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Tracie is a Level Two Certified Mad Dogg Athletic Spin Instructor, and she has been teaching spin a clubs throughout the city of New Orleans since 2014.  Tracie joined the NOAC family in 2017, bringing her high-energy, fun and engaging classes to our spin studio.  Tracie focuses on breathing, proper form, heart rate and energy zone training, all while using the most heart-pounding Funk/Pop/R&B mix to keep pace and inspire her students.  Outside NOAC, Tracie is the Chief Legal Officer for the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office, college professor at Dillard University, and has an active consulting practice with local charter schools.  She also owns NolaGoodies custom bakery.


The stress of college had me eating smothered, covered, chunked, scattered… and washing it down with white Russians… needless to say that did not fare well for my physique!  I started small, just by walking and eliminating cream sauce, cheese and fried food.  I was amazed how small changes worked!  Next thing you know I was run/walking… and finally just running (I’ve since completed 2 full marathons, over 20 halfs and tons of 5/10K’s)!  Group fitness and indoor cycling kept my cross training fun and after losing about 50 lbs.  I decided I’d love to be an instructor.  The rest is history.  I’ve been Fittour Certified as well as CPR/AED and First Aid for nearly 15 years.  Check out my high energy class and feel free to let me know your favorite song so I can add it to my playlist and come see what indoor cycling can do for you!!



Brian’s a recent transplant to New Orleans after over a year traveling Central America! After a 2x All-American football stint at Lehigh University, spinning helped Brian shed almost 50 pounds thus his love for the saddle runs deep and the energy brought to each ride is a testament to this! Have you ever taken a class where Every. Single. Pedal stroke matches the beat? Brian spends hours creating playlists using Excel spreadsheets and audio mixers so whether you enjoy dancing on the bike or cycling outdoors, it’ll be easy to push past your limits!

Spin Room – Rooftop

This room contains 25 of the best Schwinn Spinners. 12 of the bikes have new Spin computer technology that allows each
spinner to monitor many aspects of their spin program. This room has its own stereo
system and powerful HVAC system.