Jason Silah, Member Since 2007

This is the only club that I have joined and come to consistently. It is a pleasure to work out here. I feel as if I am working out at home. I love it.

Kris, Member Since 2006

I am thrilled that the club now has a ladies only Nautilus room; and there are so many machines to use. Not only does the club offer much in the way of equipment, classes, amenities – it also offers a certain architecture that brings a unique charm.

Robby Robinson, Member Since 2003

I have been a member for five years, and am pleased with the spacious and friendly atmosphere here. The most interesting things about the club are its history and members. It is the second oldest club in the nation, and because of this antiquity, some people have been members for sixty plus years. The longevity of the members speaks volumes about the NOAC.

Eryca Leslie, Member Since 2007

I really enjoy it here. Actually, I love this club. I could not ask for better staff members.I always feel welcomed here, and the trainers have been extremely helpful in educating meabout both nutrition and fitness. These things motivate me to work out and stay in shape.

Kevin Molony, Member Since 2002

I feel that it is a genuine place of community, a place of coming together on many levels – both physical and social. There is a comradeship among members that I look forward to joining each time I come here. The club itself exudes a history of strivings, friendships, and lives lived in the heart of New Orleans.

Fredy Omar, Member Since 1998

I love this club so much that I have become a lifetime member. The club has plenty to offer – a spa, state of the art equipment, great trainers, and a variety of classes.

Natalie Convery, Member Since 2007

If the New Orleans Athletic Club did not exist, I would not be a member of another club.
It is a luxury to belong here. Every time I have brought a guest to the club, the guest has joined.

Ronald Deck, Member Since 1957

This club is a community that excludes the meaning of words like status and prestige.It has a familial feel to it, and I can sincerely call the New Orleans Athletic Club my home.

Peter Butler, Member Since 1982

I work, and so I only workout early morning or early evening on weekdays,which are the peak times at most gyms. The thing I like most here is that it is surprisingly not too busy during these times.