Published June 16, 2023

Fun By The Pound: Big Weights, Great Rates, Your Dream Gym Awaits

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There’s no better way to boost your metabolism than having a consistent workout routine. An effective workout regime can stabilize your entire nervous system, stimulate various brain chemicals which improve mood and mental capacity, and ultimately make you feel more confident, leading to a healthier lifestyle. 

Young adults are also inclined towards achieving greater brain power and regulating their mental health, which is effectively achieved through exercise. Exercise psychology, according to the American Psychological Association (APA), “is a discipline focused on the development and application of psychological theory for the understanding and modification of enhancement of human behavior in the sport and physical exercise environment.” 

The New Orleans Athletic Club (NOAC) allows one to explore different exercise regimes and achieve their dream fitness goal. The vision at NOAC has always been to develop a sense of authenticity and empower individuals to choose how they practice wellness. The club follows a unique concept and offers a library, Vaughan’s Pub, and salon facilities, alongside free group classes with membership for several fitness regimes to make your experience as vibrant and comprehensive as possible.

Combining Fun and Exercise

NOAC’s dedication to excellence has been notable over the past several years. NOAC is committed to ensuring you have a zestful experience. Most people today are looking for more than just a physical workout, they want to be challenged while also having fun in the process. If you are one of those people, just any routine will not satisfy you. You must have a structural workout routine that works for your body type and unique goals.



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There are different dimensions that ultimately help us reach the optimal level of performance. Understanding the same, NOAC has focused on diverse fitness offerings which focus on the psychological as well as the physical aspect of a person’s journey. Inclusion is a standard that every gym should have and something which is the core of the vision at NOAC.  It is universally accepted that physical activity enhances the quality of life and productivity of a person. This is also true in the case of people with special needs, practicing physical exercises not only imparts motor skills but also helps them develop a better intellectual understanding. 

There are different dimensions that ultimately help us reach the optimal level of performance.

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The Elements of Effective Exercise

    • Educate Yourself: Many times, people are unaware of how they should be dealing with their bodies the right way. In order to exercise in the most efficient way, one should educate themselves about their own body type, interests, and what truly motivates one to get up and work out every day—alongside having knowledge about the right equipment to use. For instance; swimming could actually be something that motivates one person, while having a Pilates session could speak to another. 
    • Find What Motivates You: Getting into the zone with your favorite music or perhaps a podcast could alter your idea of exercise for fun. Of course, having the right place that fits your agenda is essential to make the whole process feel good, and help on your journey to achieving your dream archetype. 

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  • Trust The Process: Everybody’s body cuts off fat in different ways. Being resilient and continuing to monitor your process can be very difficult at times. Having patience and realizing that in order to get where you want to requires effort and time is essential.
  • Use The Right Equipment: The right equipment allows you to avoid injury, exercise optimally, and keep progressing to higher and harder levels. You should take some time to invest in a gym with high-quality exercise equipment as well as protective equipment such as gloves, knee guards, helmets, bands etc. 

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  • Follow A Balanced Diet: A balanced diet is one that consists of different food types and sufficient amounts of nutrients for the development of the human body. Components like saturated fats, refined sugar, salt, and alcohol should be taken in moderation. Refined proteins, fats, and carbohydrates should be consumed in the appropriate ratio of 1:1:4. Nourishing your body with a rich diet helps it remain healthy and break and build required muscles.

Resilience paired with knowledge of your own requirements will not only ensure your success in achieving your dream fitness goals but will also help you have fun while you do it. Remember the words by William Shakespeare, “Pleasure and Action make the hours seem short.”

With state-of-the-art technology and equipment, classes, and activities that speak to a diverse consumer base along with dedicated groups to help you commit and be accountable, NOAC can help you achieve success on your fitness journey.

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